January 25, 2006

Sexual Monsters Inc.

An interesting article investigating the reasons that people in government might want to censor porn. There is one weird little comment about libertarians wanting to censor the net. Who exactly? Censorship of anything is rarely a libertarian pursuit. Just the opposite in fact.

The reasons he suspects for the latest attacks on porn, namely the attempts to get Google to had over search logs, are not the warm and fluffy excuses normally given, it's all to protect the poor exploited performers etc., but the darker motives that might lie behind the rhetoric.
We all know that, for many people, fear is part of their sex drive. Whether it’s fear of discovery or the ability to instill fear in others, it’s real. And both these fantasies are threatened in an open sexual environment.
So could the self declared moral crusaders that seek to save us from ourselves harbouring something rather darker than a wish to help exploited porn stars? Well the various Christian churches always end up at the forefront of any attempt to crack down on porn. The Catholics being partially hard line on the alleged sins of love. And we all know the little secrets they where covering up.
This is the dark side of sexual repression, and it crosses religious boundaries. Muslim men hide the sexuality of Muslim women because they fear even the sight of a face will drive them mad. Christians are sometimes no better. Jews the same. It’s not everyone, but it’s a dominant theme in the “conservative” strain of all these religions, forcing sex into the shadows, yet somehow the babies come. Lots of ‘em.
Of course religions need to breed new little devotees. To many women taking control of their bodies and the pews will not be haft as full as they once where. Look at what happened to Anglicanism.


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